In the organization of a wedding, all the providers play an important role. However, the presence of a DJ is essential to guarantee the atmosphere during the special event. But how to choose a wedding DJ?

Why use a DJ for your wedding?

In general, various people try to minimize their expenses by using relatives or friends to host a special event. However, this is a bit risky, as getting the music right is a difficult thing. It is necessary to satisfy all the guests and to ensure the atmosphere on the dance floor. An empty dance floor means a boring party with no atmosphere. That’s why you need to hire a DJ to guarantee the atmosphere during the party. Therefore, a DJ ensures a good lighting of the room and a quality sound system. His goal is to entertain and satisfy everyone during the wedding party. In order for all the guests to enjoy the dance floor, he will broadcast music adapted to all generations.

How to choose a wedding DJ?

A couple that wants to get married often has a hard time choosing a wedding DJ. Indeed, a DJ is not only a simple provider, but also the partner of your evening. The question that often arises is: how to recognize a good DJ? A good DJ is the one who offers a professional performance to satisfy all the guests. Also, he gives advice about the idea of your party. In order to choose a wedding DJ, you have to make the choice according to his availability, his sense of relationship, his flexibility and his experience. Each DJ has his own method to guarantee an atmosphere during a special event. In short, a good DJ must be able to show his previous performances.

The importance of a meeting with the DJ

Before the wedding, it is important to have a meeting with the DJ to discuss the project: the games, the entertainment, the equipment used, the cost of the services, etc. On the other hand, the DJ must know the information concerning the configuration of the room, the number of guests, the style of your wedding, your musical tastes, the place of your wedding and the duration of your evening. At this point, the DJ reveals the possibilities that are available to you and gives advice on the desires and choices of the future bride and groom. Above all, it is necessary to contact and meet several providers to be able to compare rates and offers.

Therefore, a professional DJ always comes with a competitive musical animation equipment: black light, smoke, flashing ramps, disco loops, microphones…

Organizing a wedding requires finding a suitable place to celebrate this day with your guests, which is far from being an easy task. Indeed, choosing a wedding venue can take a whole day or even more than a week. To make the task easier, here are some criteria to consider.

Consider the budget

The wedding day is a special day for the bride and groom. However, the budget defined at the beginning of the organization should not be exceeded too much, especially for the rental of the hall or a venue. It is possible to find and choose a wedding venue according to your budget. Indeed, there are different types of venues available. We can mention, for example, the hotel reception halls or private spaces for an indoor wedding party, the castles for a luxury wedding, the amusement parks for more originality… For a tight budget, it is also possible to arrange its outside in place of wedding reception or to think of the rent of country.

The practicality and accessibility of the place

Opt for a place that makes guests feel comfortable. For example, a beach wedding is not very practical to wear stilettos. The season and the time of year for the big day are also important to consider. In winter or at night, for example, banish the idea of having an outdoor reception. The guests could be cold, at the risk of disturbing the atmosphere. Also, choose a place that is accessible by vehicle to facilitate the movement of the guests. A venue with secure parking close to the reception hall is also more convenient for some guests. Consider a venue near a hotel or hostel where guests coming from far away can stay.

The infrastructure of the venue

You should also consider the infrastructure of the venue for your wedding reception. Do not hesitate to visit the place to see with your own eyes the state of it. The surface and capacity of the place are essential points, because it is necessary to have enough space to facilitate the circulation between the guests. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the number of your guests to choose your wedding venue. Moreover, the maximum capacity of a reception hall is defined in advance. Give importance to the layout and decorations of the venue. For example, choose a venue that has a beautiful view outside, with attractive corners to take pictures as souvenirs.

YES I do! This commitment leads to the most beautiful day of your life, the wedding. We often tend to believe that the bride’s dress is the most important. However, the choice of the groom’s suit, prince of the day, also has its special effects.

Choose according to your personality and size

The knowledge of the personality of the groom and his size is mandatory to choose the groom’s suit. Whether it’s custom-made or ready-to-wear, the basic idea is to look for the suit that matches his size. The exact size is defined by the size of the jacket, the length of the jacket, the lapels and the collar, as well as the cut and length of the pants. On the other hand, knowing your personality, knowing who you really are, can also be very helpful in choosing that prince suit. The personality undeniably participates in this important choice.

Choose according to your own style

To choose the groom’s suit, it is necessary to match it with the groom’s style and with the bride’s dress. This can be an appropriate time to express your taste for a particular style of dress. This helps to make the groom the most elegant and remarkable man of this unique day. In addition, having a trusted and close person with you could be a good idea to help you choose the suit for his style. The opinions coming from a woman could be very helpful for the choice of the style of dress that will be observed and photographed during this day.

Choose according to the spirit of the wedding

There is a multitude of themes and styles for the spirit of the wedding. For a memorable occasion such as a wedding, choosing a groom’s suit is about matching the person with the suit, the color and the theme. Thus, the groom’s suit must imperatively correspond to the theme and the spirit of the wedding. This detail is also valid for the princess to spice up this big day. Moreover, the look depends on the choice of the groom’s suit, the haircut, the shaving of the beard and other accessories such as shoes, the watchband and the belt.

Ultimately, the choice of a successful wedding suit is a function of several determinants. The basis lies on the groom, the spirit of the wedding and the essentials of the suit for men. Thus, a broader timing ranging from 4 to 6 months would be suitable.

The gray suit, whatever its shades, remains the essential outfit in the dressing room of self-respecting men. Combined with matching pieces, it represents refinement and elegance, whether it is a casual or classic model. However, there are different color variations for the gray suit. Between the mouse, light gray, anthracite and dark, the choice seems to be complicated for a good look. But for it to be a success, you have to know how to choose the right pieces and accessories to wear with it.

Wear a gray suit with a good shirt

Like any other suit for men, the gray suit can come in two styles: a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit. Since gray is a versatile and neutral color; no matter which color you choose, a darker or lighter one, a white shirt is the main piece he makes opt for for a better look. This color combination is perfect for any occasion and event to mark. It is the perfect outfit to attend a wedding or a reception of any kind or to come to a professional meeting. The white shirt is a perfect ally for a sober, refined or sophisticated and timeless look. There are also other colors that go perfectly with gray, such as pinks, purples, blues and their derivatives. To highlight the suit, you should prefer light shades. On the other hand, if it is about the funeral, a black shirt is the most appropriate to show respect to the relatives and family of the deceased.

Opt for a tie and a clutch in a cheerful color that matches the shirt

Grey suit is not worn with good pieces and accessories, it can become a sad outfit. If white is the adopted shirt color, you should choose a tie and a clutch in a cheerful color such as beige or blue. It is also possible to choose a tie with a floral or striped pattern. However, it is important to make sure that the color of the shirt and the tie match. For example, choose a light gray tie for a light pink shirt or a dark blue tie for a light blue shirt. Avoid wearing two colors that do not match, such as wearing a red tie with a blue shirt. To ensure your look, you should opt for versatile colors such as purple, light blue, navy blue or burgundy. You should never combine more than three colors in an outfit. If brown is the adopted shirt color, it is advisable to choose a garnet or brown tie. If needed, tips and catalogs are available on the internet.

Favour thin belts and sober colored shoes

Generally speaking, suits cannot be worn with shoes and belts that are too imposing. For the look to be successful, you should favor thin belts and shoes of the same shade as the shirt. For a satisfactory result, the color of the belt and the shoes must be matched. They should be of sober color like navy blue, brown or black. For a more elegant look, it is ideal to wear brown slippers and a belt of the same color. This color combination will go perfectly with a gray suit.

The wedding is an exceptional day for the bride and groom. It is a day filled with magic and happiness. Brides-to-be are the most involved, as they want this event to be extraordinary and unique. Therefore, many of them choose to have a country wedding. A country wedding brings back memories of the countryside and the scent of wild flowers. For a country wedding worthy of the name, special decorations are highly recommended. Find the country wedding decorating idea that will make your wedding a magical day.

Swing and rustic outdoor bar

During a wedding, the dessert is the favorite moment of the children. A wide range of delicacies awaits them with various shapes. Your wedding desserts deserve an equally sumptuous presentation. That’s where the rustic swing comes in, with a rope, flowers and a sturdy platform to safely store the sweet treats. For the cocktail area, make the wedding food or alcohol station a striking focal point. Forget the classic tables and opt for an original country wedding decor idea. A barrel base and slab top mixed in a few wooden crates and a garland of greenery to dress up the fixture.

Printed linen

The choice of the tablecloth is very delicate when preparing a wedding. Usually, the bride and groom always choose a white tablecloth. This choice is based on the elegance and purity of the color white. To stand out from a classic wedding, choose printed tablecloths. Summer floral prints are always reminiscent of sweet summer days, like picnic days. Add these warm memories to your wedding day by incorporating them into your cocktail party for a warm atmosphere.

Wooden centerpiece and lanterns

In a wedding, guests pay attention to the bride with her beautiful white dress, the buffet, and then, the decoration. The decoration of the table is very important, because it is the place where the guests will spend the whole evening. The table must be well decorated. In order not to spoil the view of the guests, the table decoration should not be cluttered, otherwise they will not see the show. Log centerpieces will make nice decorations to put your flowers. To light up the aisle, why not look into lanterns? This is a wonderful country wedding decorating idea and it will make your event magical.

A perfect wedding like a fairy tale wedding is every woman’s dream. Flowers everywhere, a beautiful lighted dance floor… Achieving a luxurious wedding often requires the help of a wedding planner, as it is a meticulous job. However, a simple reception venue can be transformed into a magical place if you have a good imagination and creativity. Here are some very elegant high-end wedding decorations ideas.

Chiavari and Gold Chairs

For high-end wedding decor, go for style. Embrace a style that few people have tried yet. A must for chic weddings, you’ll find Chiavari chairs popping up in most luxury venues, with white painted, whitewashed, stained or natural wood finishes. However, too much decoration is a bad idea. Stick to simple, yet classy things. Every element of your reception tables can be decorated, including your plates and glasses! It can be as simple as renting decorative chargers to position your plates on top or opting for gold-mounted glassware. The combined effect of these little touches adds up to an ultra glamorous aesthetic, perfect if you’re getting married in a large venue.

Elegant ceiling with lighted chandelier

Whether your reception venue is ultra-modern like luxury hotels, curtains are an easy way to give any space a decadent feel. Lighter colored fabrics will keep things feeling fresh, while a trendy chandelier accentuates the glamour. During your childhood, you always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. So, make your dream come true by hanging a lighted chandelier from the ceiling. Your moment will be worthy of a royal wedding.

Sparkling garlands and candle holders

To make a wedding feel like a star’s wedding, use light as well. Light up the church aisle with candle holders. Along with the candle holders, place floating candles. Gently wrap strings of sparkling lights around the beams of your room or drape them from the rafters above. If you’ve chosen a country home for your reception venue, try clustering garlands around the fireplace or hanging nets behind the dance floor. There’s nothing like their romantic, slightly fuzzy glow as a backdrop for your first dance photos…

Currently, the wedding is an event that continues to grow day by day. There are several reasons why young people decide to enter into this union. Love is the first reason that pushes couples to get married. Marriage is also a particularly ancient tradition to affirm the truth of the love of two people to others.  You should not forget that marriage is a very important step in your life, getting married will allow you to move to a new stage. However, it is necessary to organize yourself well if you intend to get into the marriage contract.

What are the steps to take to organize your wedding?

If you want to get married and have a religious or secular ceremony, it is necessary that you set up a fairly organized schedule. First, the first step that seems obvious and essential is to define the date and the place of celebration of your wedding. The place of celebration will undoubtedly depend on your budget. You also need to set up the guest list for your wedding. Currently, as the business world is evolving, more and more service providers have as their main function to help you in the organization of your wedding.  If you are spoiled for choice on the type of ceremony to adopt during your D-day, professionals will be at your side to advise you.

What if you choose a religious ceremony?

Between a religious or secular ceremony, more and more couples choose to celebrate their union with a religious ceremony. Several steps are essential if you wish to have this option on your big day. First, the guests are greeted by the bride and groom’s relatives at the entrance of the church. While waiting for the bride and groom, the organizers can distribute the program of the ceremony as well as their place in their church. During this ceremony, you can opt for a full mass that will last about 1 hour or opt for a simple blessing that will last about 25 to 30 minutes.

What about a lay ceremony?

From a general point of view, a secular ceremony is a complement to the civil ceremony during which the bride and groom organize a symbolic and personalized celebration. In France, you can see that more and more couples are choosing this option since a secular ceremony is devoid of all rules and traditions. There are many reasons why couples choose a religious or a secular ceremony.

It is traditional to top the cake with figurines representing the bride and groom. These small characters, edible or not, also called subjects, are usually chosen by the bride and groom. If you are superstitious, beware! Watch your figurines because if a guest drops them before the service of the wedding cake, misfortune will fall on the couple!

There are all kinds of figurines, from the most traditional to the most original, full of humor… Their choice is limited only by the imagination of the bride and groom and it is a great opportunity to bring a nice personal touch to the ceremony.

Traditional wedding figurines

The most common of these subjects remain without doubt the inevitable brides in white and grooms in black. In very classical positions, holding hands, looking at each other or even embracing, they give off all the rigor of traditions.

Traditional figurines but with a sense of humor

The subjects remain classic but it is their poses that bring a note of humor, sometimes well supported. From the married couple to the very suggestive pose, even naughty, through the image of the bride catching up with her husband, you will have a great choice to bring your touch of humor.

The original figurines

This is an opportunity to have fun by using miniature characters to make your wedding cake. Characters from movies, comics or toys from our childhood like playmobils or legos, you have the choice! Nothing is easier than to illustrate with humor the personality of your couple (and yes, at this moment of the ceremony you are already one!).

There are many websites that specialize in selling wedding accessories, but don’t limit yourself to them, look for sellers of movie-related products, miniature websites and toy stores.

The price range of a wedding is quite large and depends on the set of services you want. A debauchery of means is not the guarantee of the success of this event and do not forget that it is above all about you and that this day must be with your image.

The cheapest

No minimum price, we can imagine a wedding without ceremony or reception, in civil dress and at the town hall, which would cost nothing!

The most expensive

The wedding that Lakshmi Mittal offered to his daughter in 2004 at Vaux-le-Vicomte and at the Palace of Versailles was one of the most expensive of all times, 55 million euros!

Today, the average cost in France is around 10,500 euros for 100 guests

Whatever the cost of the wedding, it must correspond to what you expect. Specify your requirements and quantify them before asking for quotes, which will give you an idea of the costs before you get any proposals. Make use of the competition, it is strong on the wedding market.

You should also know that intermediaries can be paid by the service providers, with a commission that can reach 10 to 15%. As much as possible, contact the different providers directly.

The wedding is a unique moment in life, rare are those who have a great experience, moreover the decision makers of the purchase are often the bride and groom and the payers, the parents. This contributes to increase the prices by the providers. Be careful and do not let yourself be seduced by the price and the service.

Finally, margins are always substantial when it comes to weddings, so don’t hesitate to negotiate.

How much does a marriage contract cost before a notary?

The price of a marriage contract (before the wedding) before a notary varies between 250 and 350 euros, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on your region and your notary. These prices correspond to a contract of separation of property without specificity.

The dress

The price of a wedding dress depends on the brand where you buy it, the quality of the fabrics, the alterations to be done and the reputation of the brand or the dressmaker from whom you buy it.

The best prices for wedding dresses are between 100 and 500 euros.

For a dress pronuptia count between 500 and 1500 euros

For a dress of high fashion the prices start from 15.000 euros

It is necessary to add the accessories, shoes and underwear

The alterations

Wedding dresses are systematically reworked and adjusted to the bride’s measurements. The hourly rate of a good seamstress is around 25 € TTC per hour.


For young single seamstresses, it was customary in France to finish the hem of a wedding dress with one of their hairs, which was supposed to bring them luck in finding a husband.

Article 4 :

Meta titre : Wedding rings, the essential symbol of the union of spouses

Meta description : Wedding rings are the unavoidable symbol of the union of spouses: Which metal should you choose for your wedding rings? What are the types of rings? What is the price?

The wedding rings

The wedding rings, an essential symbol of the union of the spouses

There is no spouse without a wedding ring, the first apparent sign of the union of a couple, of its belonging to the community of marriage, visible by all. It is a jewel that will not leave you throughout your life (at least that of your couple), it is therefore important to choose the wedding rings with care.

The metal of the rings

Silver rings are traditional in Greek Orthodox weddings but are often replaced by white gold, palladium or platinum rings. Whether white, grey, pink or yellow, gold is the most common precious metal used in wedding rings.

The different types of rings

The most common wedding rings are simple rings with a metal diameter (round or rectangular oval shape) varying between 3 millimeters and 1 cm or more.

There are also wedding rings composed of several rings twisted or not, sometimes composed of several metals.

Finally these rings can be set with precious stones such as a diamond or a sapphire.

The price of wedding rings

The price of wedding rings varies according to the metal they are made of and therefore their weight, as well as the work required to make them, the possible precious stones that dress them and finally the jeweler who makes them.

Classic rings weigh between 2 and 6 grams, the average being around 3 grams for the bride’s ring and 4 grams for the groom’s. For this weight, the price varies between 100 and 300 euros per ring.

Ring on the left or right hand

A quick look at the left hand of a person, nothing on the ring finger and we conclude (sometimes too quickly) that she is not married! But wearing a wedding ring on the left hand is not systematic and for some religions wedding rings must be worn on the right hand.

Indeed, for the Orthodox Church for example, wedding rings are worn on the right hand and are traditionally made of silver (often white gold nowadays) which can confuse the issue even more … So don’t conclude too quickly when a person doesn’t wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand.

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