How to choose a wedding DJ?

In the organization of a wedding, all the providers play an important role. However, the presence of a DJ is essential to guarantee the atmosphere during the special event. But how to choose a wedding DJ? Why use a DJ…

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How to choose a wedding venue?

Organizing a wedding requires finding a suitable place to celebrate this day with your guests, which is far from being an easy task. Indeed, choosing a wedding venue can take a whole day or even more than a week. To…

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Cream puffs, fruit or American: the pièce montée

We owe the architectural presentation of the pièce montée to Marie-Antoine Carême (born in Paris in 1784 and died in 1833), a pastry chef and cook with a passion for architecture. Traditional pièce montée Presented in the form of a…

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Choice and price of the wedding photographer

A most important part of the wedding The memory of your wedding ceremony will be present throughout your life, immortalized by the photographs taken throughout the day. It is therefore one of the most important elements and you will see…

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Original, humorous or traditional: The figurines of the bride and groom

It is traditional to top the cake with figurines representing the bride and groom. These small characters, edible or not, also called subjects, are usually chosen by the bride and groom. If you are superstitious, beware! Watch your figurines because…

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