A most important part of the wedding

The memory of your wedding ceremony will be present throughout your life, immortalized by the photographs taken throughout the day. It is therefore one of the most important elements and you will see that the choice of the photographer is to be done with much seriousness.

The work of the photographer

This is one of the most difficult areas of photography because it encompasses many of the specialties of photography. A wedding photographer will wear several costumes on the day of your ceremony, he will go from reporter to portraitist, passing by fashion photographer All this in a rather sustained rhythm and trying to be the most discreet and not to intervene on the course of the day, only the moment of the series of photo after the ceremony will allow him to work by directing the poses of his subjects.

Type of service

The reportage

The photographer will follow you throughout the day and will realize a series of photos immortalizing all the stages and all the events of the day. He will be able to start this reportage with the preparation of the bride or the groom, or both if he works in team, which can be a considerable advantage, in particular when the bride and groom prepare themselves on their side, discovering each other only at the church or the town hall. Some photographers propose to cover the entire wedding, from the preparation to the end of the ball.

The traditional service

The photographer will intervene to photograph the strong moments of the day, arrival of the bride, exchange of the wedding rings, kiss of the bride and groom... He will realize at the end of the ceremony a series of photos of the bride and groom as well as the traditional (but not really fashionable) group photo.

The price of the service of a wedding photographer

Depending on the photographer's way of working, he will propose you different packages including a certain number of elements: The price of the shooting service will depend on the events of the day that you will have chosen to have covered by your photographer: Between 300 and 600 euros to cover the religious and civil ceremony 200 to 300 euros more for the preparation of the ceremony From 200 to 450 euros more for the cocktail party or the evening

The photo prints

  • between 2 and 5 euros per photo in 10*15 format
  • between 4 and 10 euros for a 13*18 format photo
  • between 8 and 15 euros for a 15*21 format photo
  • between 20 and 30 euros for a 20*30 format photo
  • between 30 and 60 euros for a 30*45 format photo

The options

Photos on DVD in High Definition with transfer of reproduction rights: cost between 150 and 450 euros Photo book: cost between 75 and 300 euros depending on the number of pages, the quality of the prints and the binding Thank you cards budget: from 50 cents to 4 euros per card depending on the quality, format and number ordered The prices of the packages vary between 600 and 1600 euros and cover according to the photographer and the options chosen: The shots.

A series of prints more or less important.

The images on CD or DVD whose resolution varies between the possibility of a display on screen and prints of various formats (from low definition to high definition) One or more photo books A series of thank you cards


Whatever the photographer and the options chosen, demand a contract describing in detail the service to be provided and the price of additional options (new prints for example). In the digital age, forget about film, whatever the contract between you and the photographer, he will keep the negatives, obliging you to go through him to obtain new prints. Finally, if you hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding, remember to make sure that he can work in good conditions. With the democratization of digital cameras, many of your guests will be eager to take on the photographer's costume. They will rarely have the skills of the professional and will therefore only hinder him by taking his place and appearing on all his photos in places where they are not supposed to be, which will spoil a good part of them. So remember to warn your guests photographers Sunday to stay in their place and take their photos in all discretion.