The wedding is an exceptional day for the bride and groom. It is a day filled with magic and happiness. Brides-to-be are the most involved, as they want this event to be extraordinary and unique. Therefore, many of them choose to have a country wedding. A country wedding brings back memories of the countryside and the scent of wild flowers. For a country wedding worthy of the name, special decorations are highly recommended. Find the country wedding decorating idea that will make your wedding a magical day.

Swing and rustic outdoor bar

During a wedding, the dessert is the favorite moment of the children. A wide range of delicacies awaits them with various shapes. Your wedding desserts deserve an equally sumptuous presentation. That's where the rustic swing comes in, with a rope, flowers and a sturdy platform to safely store the sweet treats. For the cocktail area, make the wedding food or alcohol station a striking focal point. Forget the classic tables and opt for an original country wedding decor idea. A barrel base and slab top mixed in a few wooden crates and a garland of greenery to dress up the fixture.

Printed linen

The choice of the tablecloth is very delicate when preparing a wedding. Usually, the bride and groom always choose a white tablecloth. This choice is based on the elegance and purity of the color white. To stand out from a classic wedding, choose printed tablecloths. Summer floral prints are always reminiscent of sweet summer days, like picnic days. Add these warm memories to your wedding day by incorporating them into your cocktail party for a warm atmosphere.

Wooden centerpiece and lanterns

In a wedding, guests pay attention to the bride with her beautiful white dress, the buffet, and then, the decoration. The decoration of the table is very important, because it is the place where the guests will spend the whole evening. The table must be well decorated. In order not to spoil the view of the guests, the table decoration should not be cluttered, otherwise they will not see the show. Log centerpieces will make nice decorations to put your flowers. To light up the aisle, why not look into lanterns? This is a wonderful country wedding decorating idea and it will make your event magical.