It is traditional to top the cake with figurines representing the bride and groom. These small characters, edible or not, also called subjects, are usually chosen by the bride and groom. If you are superstitious, beware! Watch your figurines because if a guest drops them before the service of the wedding cake, misfortune will fall on the couple! There are all kinds of figurines, from the most traditional to the most original, full of humor... Their choice is limited only by the imagination of the bride and groom and it is a great opportunity to bring a nice personal touch to the ceremony.

Traditional wedding figurines

The most common of these subjects remain without doubt the inevitable brides in white and grooms in black. In very classical positions, holding hands, looking at each other or even embracing, they give off all the rigor of traditions.

Traditional figurines but with a sense of humor

The subjects remain classic but it is their poses that bring a note of humor, sometimes well supported. From the married couple to the very suggestive pose, even naughty, through the image of the bride catching up with her husband, you will have a great choice to bring your touch of humor.

The original figurines

This is an opportunity to have fun by using miniature characters to make your wedding cake. Characters from movies, comics or toys from our childhood like playmobils or legos, you have the choice! Nothing is easier than to illustrate with humor the personality of your couple (and yes, at this moment of the ceremony you are already one!). There are many websites that specialize in selling wedding accessories, but don't limit yourself to them, look for sellers of movie-related products, miniature websites and toy stores.