High-end wedding : what kind of decoration ?

Published on : 09 December 20212 min reading time
A perfect wedding like a fairy tale wedding is every woman’s dream. Flowers everywhere, a beautiful lighted dance floor… Achieving a luxurious wedding often requires the help of a wedding planner, as it is a meticulous job. However, a simple reception venue can be transformed into a magical place if you have a good imagination and creativity. Here are some very elegant high-end wedding decorations ideas.

Chiavari and Gold Chairs

For high-end wedding decor, go for style. Embrace a style that few people have tried yet. A must for chic weddings, you’ll find Chiavari chairs popping up in most luxury venues, with white painted, whitewashed, stained or natural wood finishes. However, too much decoration is a bad idea. Stick to simple, yet classy things. Every element of your reception tables can be decorated, including your plates and glasses! It can be as simple as renting decorative chargers to position your plates on top or opting for gold-mounted glassware. The combined effect of these little touches adds up to an ultra glamorous aesthetic, perfect if you’re getting married in a large venue.

Elegant ceiling with lighted chandelier

Whether your reception venue is ultra-modern like luxury hotels, curtains are an easy way to give any space a decadent feel. Lighter colored fabrics will keep things feeling fresh, while a trendy chandelier accentuates the glamour. During your childhood, you always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. So, make your dream come true by hanging a lighted chandelier from the ceiling. Your moment will be worthy of a royal wedding.

Sparkling garlands and candle holders

To make a wedding feel like a star’s wedding, use light as well. Light up the church aisle with candle holders. Along with the candle holders, place floating candles. Gently wrap strings of sparkling lights around the beams of your room or drape them from the rafters above. If you’ve chosen a country home for your reception venue, try clustering garlands around the fireplace or hanging nets behind the dance floor. There’s nothing like their romantic, slightly fuzzy glow as a backdrop for your first dance photos…

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