The dress

The price of a wedding dress depends on the brand where you buy it, the quality of the fabrics, the alterations to be done and the reputation of the brand or the dressmaker from whom you buy it. The best prices for wedding dresses are between 100 and 500 euros. For a dress pronuptia count between 500 and 1500 euros For a dress of high fashion the prices start from 15.000 euros It is necessary to add the accessories, shoes and underwear

The alterations

Wedding dresses are systematically reworked and adjusted to the bride's measurements. The hourly rate of a good seamstress is around 25 € TTC per hour.


For young single seamstresses, it was customary in France to finish the hem of a wedding dress with one of their hairs, which was supposed to bring them luck in finding a husband. Article 4 : Meta titre : Wedding rings, the essential symbol of the union of spouses Meta description : Wedding rings are the unavoidable symbol of the union of spouses: Which metal should you choose for your wedding rings? What are the types of rings? What is the price?

The wedding rings

The wedding rings, an essential symbol of the union of the spouses

There is no spouse without a wedding ring, the first apparent sign of the union of a couple, of its belonging to the community of marriage, visible by all. It is a jewel that will not leave you throughout your life (at least that of your couple), it is therefore important to choose the wedding rings with care.

The metal of the rings

Silver rings are traditional in Greek Orthodox weddings but are often replaced by white gold, palladium or platinum rings. Whether white, grey, pink or yellow, gold is the most common precious metal used in wedding rings.

The different types of rings

The most common wedding rings are simple rings with a metal diameter (round or rectangular oval shape) varying between 3 millimeters and 1 cm or more. There are also wedding rings composed of several rings twisted or not, sometimes composed of several metals. Finally these rings can be set with precious stones such as a diamond or a sapphire.

The price of wedding rings

The price of wedding rings varies according to the metal they are made of and therefore their weight, as well as the work required to make them, the possible precious stones that dress them and finally the jeweler who makes them. Classic rings weigh between 2 and 6 grams, the average being around 3 grams for the bride's ring and 4 grams for the groom's. For this weight, the price varies between 100 and 300 euros per ring.

Ring on the left or right hand

A quick look at the left hand of a person, nothing on the ring finger and we conclude (sometimes too quickly) that she is not married! But wearing a wedding ring on the left hand is not systematic and for some religions wedding rings must be worn on the right hand. Indeed, for the Orthodox Church for example, wedding rings are worn on the right hand and are traditionally made of silver (often white gold nowadays) which can confuse the issue even more ... So don't conclude too quickly when a person doesn't wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand.